Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is a term used to describe clothing that is made from natural fibers or recycled fabric. Sustainable fashion can also be known as eco-friendly clothing, or eco-fashion. It's designed to be environmentally friendly, with the goal of reducing harm to the environment.

Sustainable fashion has become very popular in recent years, especially among designers and consumers. This is because sustainable fashion not only helps protect the environment, but also encourages people to live better lives through reduced waste and improved health.

The term "sustainable" means that a product will last for a long time without losing its value. Sustainable fashion products have good quality and durability. They don't use harmful chemicals in their production process and they're made from materials that are easy to recycle or reuse after use (such as cotton).

Family business

We are a small but growing family of artists and designers.

We create clothes that are perfect for women who want to stand out from the crowd, but don't want to compromise on style. Our collections are short, frequent series featuring handcrafted clothing that is designed with you in mind.

Our clothes are distinguished by their individuality and uniqueness. They are feminine and fully intended for women who want to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We work hard to ensure that our clothes will always be available for purchase on our website, so you can ensure that no matter what kind of style you're into, we have something for you!

Online store – maragibbucci

If you're looking for a new wardrobe, we have the perfect thing for you. MARA GIBBUCCI is your one-stop shop for clothing that's as unique as you are.

Our goal is to create clothes that are perfect for your body and lifestyle. We don't just want to make clothes; we want to make clothes that fit and feel like you when you wear them. We're not about trends—we're about making sure that every woman in the world has access to beautiful, handcrafted clothing from a place they can trust.

That's why our collections are short and frequent, so that we can bring out new products faster than the rest of the industry. And it's also why our clothes are fully feminine—always have been, always will be! We know what women want: quality, comfort, and style in their closets—no matter where they go or what they do.

So if you're looking for something new and different that speaks directly to who you are as a woman , check out our site today!

Our story

Hi! My name is Tamara Gibus. I'm a fashion designer who has been creating clothes for clients from United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Scandinavia countries.

I believe that art should be created with the environment in mind. I create clothes that are environmentally friendly and made with the best materials available. When my collection is complete I want it to have a positive impact on our planet so that we can all be more sustainable and live in harmony with nature.

My first collection was "ecology". This collection was created because I believe that ecology is morality. The clothing in this collection has a very distinctive hand-crafted feel to it which makes each piece unique and different from anything else on the market today.

As an artist I find myself constantly searching for inspiration for new collections and ideas about how to improve upon existing ones. This process helps me to develop my own style as well as learn from other artists who inspire me or challenge me to think differently about what fashion can be like."

Sustainability in Fashion

When we talk about how sustainability initiative by us affects the planet it is important to consider two aspects . Firstly, it is important to consider fabric. A lot of designers are becoming more conscious and preferring to use eco- friendly material for designing clothes. As consumers, some of these materials that you can look out for are: hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester etc. Secondly, After a piece of garment has gone through the shelf life in one’s wardrobe how we choose to discard it is important. The shelf life of a t-shirt can vary from a week to months or several years based on usage, material and maintenance. Once we have gone through it there are several options to choose from. We can donate used clothes. Another option is to recycle clothes and make some bucks doing so. There are several options to sell your used clothing. If Apps is not your thing, another easy option is to look for a local consignment/thrift store in the area. Either of these three options prevent your t-shirt from landing in a landfill. If you are wondering what is the big deal about landfill you should know it leads to emissions of toxic gases such as methane, which jeopardizes our environment. As savvy consumers, we should try to ensure we dont contribute to the landfill waste.

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