About Us

Mara Gibbucci designs clothing by seeking cohesion of pure and applied art. A graduate of two distinct university trainings in the field of designer clothing, her short author collections “are characterised by charm and poetics’ – according to her university mentors. Tamara Gibus who is a designer, herself, thinks that a perfect design must be born of the union of sensitivity and spiritual strength, which needs to be reflected in the design structure. It can be achieved by choosing fabrics which give a feeling of peace, health and spiritual balance, particularly linen.

My clothes are supposed to make people happy. I strive to bring happiness and light, enjoyment of the surrounding world and satisfaction that can be transformed into willingness to help others.

The company’s philosophy is naturalness as a way of life, a kind of harmony with the world. Our clothes are completely hand made. Using 100% natural resources like linen and high quality wools: cashmere and alpaca combined with the best tailoring skills guarantee lasting satisfaction from using the product. The small, unique collections are guaranteed to feel ‘different’ on today’s market dominated by mass production. It is the most current designs that inevitably make you stand out from the crowd.

Mara Gibbucci customers are people from the world of politics, art. and business. Our clothing is characterised by natural elegance, giving you the feeling of luxury and comfort. Our products are ideal gifts for that special someone. Extra care, attention to detail and originality of each of the collections are features which allow each woman to feel unique. Individuality with a pinch of avant-garde characterises the products very well.

Simplicity in a romantic fashion. Minimalistic or slightly deconstructed forms of dresses, tunics and jackets in ecru, beige and grey. By contrast, however, at the same time whitened green and energetic red are introduced. The play of light and shade is emphasised by exclusive, delicate linen, embroidered with natural string or decorated by hand, which softly surrounds the female shape. The distinctive mark of the collection is the flower motif, which emphasises connection with nature.

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